20130924-162957.jpg I can’t believe it’s already exactly 3 months till Christmas Eve! Excited is an understatement.



Whenever there’s a celebrity red carpet event, like everyone within the fashion media I’m always looking to find who was best dressed or who’s outfit was my favourite, and in 1st place from last nights iheartradio event has got to be Khloe Kardashian! She looks absolutely flawless and she always picks the best outfits to compliment her gorgeous curves! I love all black leather looks as well so this one really did it for me. Her hair and make up also mixes in well, I love her ombré dip dye! Khloe is also one of my role models and I adore her a lot!
Rosie Xoxo


First time for everything


Helloooo! My name is Rosie and I’m new to word press. I’m a media student at South Downs college and I am very much interested in fashion Journalism, which is why I thought I’d make my first post about it. I’m forever finding images of outfits on the Internet with no source of website as to where it’s come from, and this amazing dress being an example. I love it!! Shout out to those who are sometimes in the same position as me.
Rosie Xox